NCAA Continues to Warm Up to the Use of Electronic Devices during Games

On Tuesday, The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel agreed to let coaches use electronic devices. This means that coaches can now use tablets and laptops while in the locker room or press box.

However, such technology will be prohibited for use on the field or sideline. This is a big step for the NCAA, as technology was previously only acceptable for medical reasons only.

“It’s inevitable that somewhere down the line we will move to allow technology, even on the sideline,” said Steve Shaw, the SEC’s director of officials. “It’s inevitable. It’s part of everything we do now, but whether it is ready now, I just don’t know.”

With the proposal being passed, teams will be able to start using the equipment during spring scrimmages in April. Thanks to the approval, coaches and staff will be able to look at video to see different plays and formations. The term “halftime adjustment” has a whole new meaning to it now.

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