Healthy Roster is helping Parents Communicate With Athletic Trainers

Kids are encouraged to pick up a sport when they are young. In fact, the more sports children play, the better.

But what happens when a little boy slams into the goalpost during his U-8 soccer match or a little girl falls and smacks into the court, face first, during her AAU basketball game?

There are rarely athletic trainers on the sidelines that are certified to help.

Queen City Angels has invested in Healthy Roster: a company which developed an app to enable parents to easily connect with Certified Athletic Trainers from local hospitals when their children sustain sports-related injuries.

“Our vision for our app is to help hospitals and their sports medicine departments cover more kids,” Nathan Heerdt, CEO of Healthy Roster said in a statement.

“Instead of just focusing on local area high schools, trainers can now cover middle schools and youth leagues with our app. More coverage means more support and less risk for youth athletes/sports.”

According to the app’s promotional video, over 15 million kids will have sports injuries in any given year.

After logging into the app, users can request to video chat with a trainer. From there, the trainer may ask the child to look up and down and side to side to determine if he or she has a concussion or the trainer may ask the child to describe what hurts in order to help parents determine the next best step.

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